It is time to beat this eczema!

Remembering all the sleepless nights because of the itchiness is like a nightmare. It is not easy to have it every single day. We feel you! But don't worry! We have the solution to relieve eczema.

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The struggle to achieve clear skin...

It's a struggle, we know! Red, dry, itchy and bumpy...the itchiness we can't resist...can't help but scratch our skin...and BOOM!!!

Eczema begin to take over!

That's why we've formulated the perfect, organic, non-chemical solutions to heal and repair your skin.

What comes in the kit?

  • Original Beauty Bar
  • Original Beauty Polish
  • Queendom Beauty Cream
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Let's Learn How to Relieve the Itchiness and Heal Eczema

Cleanse with the Original Beauty Bar

Wet the beauty bar and use circular motions to cleanse the affected area.

Exfoliate with Beauty Polish

After rinsing, exfoliate the affected area with Beauty Polish. This will help buff away and remove dead skin cells.

Finish up with our Beauty Cream

Use the tip of your finger to apply the beauty cream to your skin. This will provide a nice glow to your skin and it will keep your skin moisturized.

Remember to use the Beauty Polish Monday, Wednesday and Friday before bed in your nightly routine.

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